4-Channel Smart Amp & PA System

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Spark 40-Watt Amp + FREE BAG


Wireless Guitar System

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Push boundaries. Play smarter. Grab your guitar and plug into the intersection of guitar and music tech for a next gen tone-packed thrill ride. Made to play, jam and record like never before.

  • “…a radical leap forward for live performers.”

    (Spark LIVE)

  • “The hype is real. Spark is an incredible practice and recording amp.”


  • “…will make you want to play guitar more, and it’ll make you a better player while you’re at it.”

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  • "...the Positive Grid Spark Link does a fantastic job of making wireless systems accessible for every guitarist."

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  • “…so good you may never want to go back to playing a ‘real world’ amp or pedalboard again.”

    (BIAS FX 2)

  • “It’s hard to believe just how full and clear this little amp sounds.”

    (Spark GO)

  • “comprehensive, highly accurate amp and effects modeling with great sound and intuitive UI…”

    Bob Thomas talks BIAS FX 2

    Nov. 2021

  • “…the sound quality is absolutely brilliant—we’re in awe at the depth of tone and the volume that emanates from this tiny unit.”

    (Spark GO)

  • “…looks and sounds great, and will undoubtedly make better players of us all.”