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Create the virtual guitar rig of your dreams.

Award-Winning Guitar Amp & Effects Software

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Digital download


Every tone is yours.

More than a gear library, BIAS FX 2 is an inspiration powerhouse. Dig deep for the ultimate in tone creation with our new re-engineered DSP engine, or simply pull up one of thousands of presets and go. Smart workflows with optimized performance and an intuitive UI get out of your way for frictionless full functionality.

Perfect for Mac & PC

Plugin or Standalone Guitar Effects Processing App

to Perfection

Your favorite amps re-engineered with an updated DSP, meticulous point-to-point detail and vacuum tube dynamic simulation.

Insanely Deep

More than tone generation, this is the ultimate tone playground to stay inspired. Explore, experiment, and dive as deep as you want.

Amps, effects, pedals.
It’s all here.

Start with over 50,000 tones. Modify or build from scratch to create any tone you can possibly think of, even that ever-elusive unique tone you’ve been dreaming of.

Guitar Match II

Turn any guitar into a collection of legendary guitars, including our all-new Acoustic and Bass models.


The latest free update for BIAS FX 2 includes all-new lo-fi style gear,* Apple Silicon support, and new Tone Link tone sharing. Learn more

*Lo-fi gear only available for BIAS FX 2 Elite.


Nothing deeper.

BIAS FX 2’s comprehensive, precisely programmed tone-shaping software tools are at your command. Adjust front and back amp settings, the pre-amp and power amp, or select among many cabs and mic positions to create and shape the sound that inspires you.  

Build your tone with ease.

Drag and drop gear anywhere in the signal chain. Double up for unique combinations. Save and recall different setups and switch between tones effortlessly. All with a new modernized, sleekly designed interface.

Hear the new amps:

Amps, Amps and more Amps.

Priceless vintage classics. Modern high gain. Ground-shaking bass and shimmering acoustic amps. Over 100 amps are here. Now the most loved models in BIAS FX 2 are re-engineered with our new, meticulously detailed DSP engine. Point-to-point precise measurement and dynamic tube distortion emulation deliver rich harmonic structure and responsive dynamics. Plus, your favorite classic versions are still available, so all current presets remain intact. And there’s more coming. Much more.

Unique Hybrid Amps

Use the Dual Amp feature to selectively extract key characteristics from two distinct amplifiers, including their impulse responses, cabinets, EQs, and microphones, to create a unique, customized hybrid amplifier.

Sweeping Stereo Amp Setups

Leverage our innovative routing capabilities to connect two amplifiers in parallel and hard pan them, resulting in a panoramic stereo setup with distinctly different guitar tones in each channel.

Studio-worthy cabinets.

Stocked with cabinets from classic to modern, we’ve harnessed our new DSP engine to craft 10 new custom cabinet IRs, each specifically designed to complement our re-engineered guitar amps. With a streamlined, easy-to-use interface, you can modify mic placement, with a True Stereo mic blend with crystal clear audio and a Reality/Studio mode, which adjusts the output to fit your playing style.

Built with Celestion®

We’ve partnered with cabinet legends Celestion to bring their iconic sound to BIAS FX 2 Elite. Find your voice with a world-renowned collection of cabinets, speakers, and microphone models, all with official Celestion Impulse Responses (IRs). 

Fully stocked mic locker

Toggle and reposition the most sought-after microphones used in world-renowned studios. Even blend any two microphones and fine-tune the 3D space with our new room mic module to create a customized sound that perfectly suits your mix. 

Dream pedal collection.

Rare classics. New boutiques. Even custom pedals brought to life by the Positive Grid team. They’re all here. Drop these building blocks of inspiration into your custom pedalboard, reposition and tweak. Create your sound  from the bottom up or get inspiration from thousands of presets.

Vintage is just the beginning.

Polish your project with state-of-the-art, studio-worthy, ultra high-end production with our studio rack processors—EchoreX HD, Tri-Chorus, Tube Compress, Spring Reverb, Wah and more.

your guitar.


With Guitar Match you can turn your guitar—any guitar—into a collection of legendary guitar models, including our all-new Acoustic and Bass. Each is precisely recreated down to their pickups, body type, and unique tonal characteristics. Now dial in that tone faster than ever with Guitar Match Quick Mode.


Experiment with inspired sounds and tones. Play, practice and learn without the need for any other software. 


Integrate BIAS FX 2 with your favorite DAW for an unstoppable onboard tone palette.

“I don’t think I’ve ever used a product that was so in-depth…I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Tony Pizzuti    Guitarist, The World Alive


Always inspired.

Go beyond the usual for a transcendent exploration of what drives you. Handy features juice your creativity for the ultimate in supercharged motivation.


50,000+ Tones

Grab the setup you need with searchable custom presets for amps, pedals and pedalboards.  Or use them as starters for your own tone-shaping. Dive into the ever-expanding ToneCloud® online community, now with a new graphic interface, easier search, tone topics, playlists and so much more. Share the direct link to your tones for others to try.

Time Machine
Auto Recording


Rewind automatically records up to 10 minutes of your playing, ensuring you never miss a moment of inspiration. Easily grab, trim, and export your perfect riff to build upon your ideas later.

Smart Looper

Record your loop with a simple click and jam over it using BIAS FX 2’s built-in recording software. You can even loop your recording while you play it back through foot pedals, amps and rack FX, fine-tuning the perfect guitar effects and custom presets. Export it as a WAV file to import into a new track in your DAW. 

Jam along. Improvise. Learn.

Check out the Music Page in BIAS FX 2 for a curated list of popular backing tracks from all genres that you can jam along with. Auto Chords analyzes and automatically displays chords for millions of songs as you play—all in real-time.

Made for electric, acoustic & bass.

Amps, cabinets and effects specifically selected for electric, acoustic and bass guitars are all part of BIAS FX 2’s vast library. Use them as is or adjust, combine and create your own.

“BIAS FX 2 is so good you may never want to go back to playing a ‘real world’ amp or pedalboard again.”

“A comprehensively featured, highly accurate amplifier and effects modeling package with a great sound and an attractive and intuitive user interface.”

Bob Thomas, Nov. 2021

“The visual aspect of BIAS FX 2 is what sets it apart from other comparable software, and it’s apparent they put a lot of time into the user interface aspect of it.”

Enter the BIAS Universe.

Add BIAS AMP 2 and BIAS Pedal to your tone creation suite to build and customize your original amps and pedals. Even use Amp Match to instantly analyze and create the tone from your favorite song. Then import your custom creations into BIAS FX 2, for a completely personalized tone setup. 

Advanced Guitar & Bass
Amp Modeling Software

Create your dream guitar amplifier down to the component level with BIAS AMP 2–the ultimate virtual amp designer.

Guitar & Bass Pedalboard
and Effect Modeler

Create your own unique pedals with circuit level customization. Then import into BIAS FX 2. 


Dialed in.

We’ve removed the friction with flexible workflows and intuitive tools that keep the creativity flowing.

Optimized Performance

With improved stability, optimized memory management and a 20% reduction in CPU usage, BIAS FX 2’s drag-and-drop interface makes it more streamlined and easier than ever to build your tone.

Sync all
your tones.


Easily backup, sync and access your custom presets across multiple devices through your  personal cloud. With Cloud Bank, you can seamlessly access custom presets from home to studio, entertainment to live gig, and across desktop and iOS devices.




Each preset has four customizable "scenario" settings for recalling multiple distinct but closely related pedalboard scenes. Plus, you can instantly switch from one pedalboard setup to another for different song sections.

complex mixes.


Automate parameter changes for each song section and create instantaneous mix changes and fluid transitions. Assign MIDI commands to virtually every available parameter, saving hours of work on your project.

Speed-dial your
patch recalls.

With tags and keywords attached to all presets in ToneCloud®, you can quickly find and download just the right guitar effects preset. 


The preset manager makes it easy to organize and rapidly search, recall and preview your favorite pedalboard setups.


Use the 8 Quick Snap slots to dial up your favorite presets instantly.