A Letter from Our CEO

August 22, 2022By The Spark Team 0 Comment

Dear Spark Purchasers,

Calvin, CEO of Positive Grid here. I am overwhelmed and truly appreciate your support for Spark. It is clear that we have not been communicating effectively about delays and obstacles that have prevented us from shipping your Spark. I sincerely apologize for keeping you waiting for so long.

There are things we will—and must—do better. From here on out, I promise to do everything within our power to keep you 100% informed. Here is an update I want to share with you directly.

What happened?

  • In November and December of 2019, the early response for Spark far exceeded our expectations. We had to significantly increase our production capability, operation and logistics, and solve resource challenges.
  • In January and February of this year, the COVID-19 outbreak hit which closed our factory and many vendors in our supply chain, dramatically affecting our production capability. Once the production issue was resolved, the pandemic had spread worldwide, affecting our logistics and shipping.
  • As a small team, it has been very challenging to navigate the large scale uncertainties of producing and shipping in the world today. But we should, and we will get better. This I personally pledge to you.

What's happening now?

  • We have ramped up production and shipping extensively. Most pre-orders (90%) will be shipped by the end of July. The remaining orders will ship by mid-August.
  • We are revamping our order tracking system and customer service team to make it easier for you to track your order, and to be more responsive to you when you have questions so that we can reply in a timely manner.
  • Some customers received tracking numbers many weeks prior to their amp's delivery. Tracking numbers were automatically generated the moment our warehouse received a shipping order. We are working to improve the process to ensure tracking numbers are not created until they are in fact scanned and in the shipping process.
  • Yes, we are shipping Sparks in the order they were received, and based on their location in the world. We did make an operational mistake and shipped a few hundred units out of order. We’ve fixed that and it won’t happen again.

Looking forward

  • We are doubling the warranty on Spark to Two Years as a thank you for your support.
  • We will post communications every week until everyone has received their Spark.
  • Spark is created with the vision of a smarter way to play and jam. We have many new developments in the pipeline, and we’re committed to adding new features, sounds, software and firmware updates on a regular basis.

This has been an incredible learning experience for me and for our company. As a group of forward-thinking musicians who are passionate about creating new experiences for guitar players, we hate to disappoint you. We are working hard every day to make our customer experience equal to the quality of our Spark amps.

Thank you, once again, for your continued patience and support.


Calvin Abel
CEO, Positive Grid

(The Two Year Warranty on Spark expired 8/24/2020. Starting 8/25/2020, Spark is covered under the standard One Year Warranty.)

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