BIAS MINI Amplifier | Creating crushing metal tones.

BIAS MINI Amplifier | Creating crushing metal tones.

August 22, 2022By BigCommerce 0 Comment

We think it’s safe to say most of us guitar players can appreciate dialing in a killer, crushing metal tone. Whether you’re a metal player or not, sometimes it’s just fun to switch things into overdrive and let ‘er rip.

With the BIAS MINI, you open the door to an unlimited library of searing, high gain amps - from classic sounds you’ve grown to love to high end boutique gear you’d need to, well, remortgage your house to afford - you’ve got ‘em all at your fingertips. Lookin’ for something quick and awesome? Just load one of our amazing stock guitar amplifiers right from the front panel, and you’re off. Want to dig a bit deeper? Jump into ToneCloud and download thousands of custom, Amp-Matched presets made by users, artists and producers from around the world. Want to go even DEEPER? Just hop into the BIAS AMP 2 software and start customizing your amp at a component level - swap tubes, transformers, tone stacks, EQ, cabinets, mics, and more, all without ever picking up a soldering iron.

Join Prashant Aswani as he talks about his approach to creating metal tones with the BIAS MINI. Prashant is plugged directly into the BIAS MINI guitar amplifier, running into a Bogner Goldfinger 2x12 cabinet mic'ed up with a 414.


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