How to use Spark LIVE as your all-in-one amp

How to use Spark LIVE as your all-in-one amp

March 15, 2024By Joshua Fernandez 0 Comment

When it comes to live performances, navigating the challenges of setting up a PA system and engaging with the audience can be quite daunting. Positive Grid's latest innovation, Spark LIVE, is designed to address at least one of these concerns. This battery-powered amp offers a versatile solution for musicians during rehearsals and live shows. In this blog, we will delve into the features of Spark LIVE and assess its prowess as an all-in-one amplifier, comparing it to other PA systems in the market.

Amplifying the Impact of Live Drums

A pivotal consideration when evaluating the Spark LIVE is its ability to stand up to the thunderous presence of live drums. Boasting a robust 150-watt power and an impressive 118 dB RMS level, the Spark Live competes with the intensity of a chainsaw. This substantial power output ensures the amp can seamlessly complement the powerful sound of live drums, establishing a solid foundation for any performance.

Smart Tech for Vocalists and Guitarists

Adding to its appeal, Spark LIVE introduces a unique feature that allows users to connect an additional input, such as a microphone. Activating the smart tech feature while plugging in a microphone enables the amp to intelligently separate the guitar from vocals, delivering a clear and harmonious sound. This functionality proves especially valuable for solo performers or small ensembles, eliminating the need for extra audio equipment.

Amp Orientation and Gyroscopic Sensors

Spark LIVE’s built-in gyroscopic sensor responded by reconfiguring the speaker, creating a captivating stereo sound. This unexpected feature adds depth and dimension to the audio, enhancing the overall listening experience for the audience.

Diverse Genres and Tones

Spark LIVE caters to a broad spectrum of musical genres, offering an array of presets and tones through its vast Spark App. Whether your preference lies in rock, indie, or acoustic genres, this amp has you covered. Its wide range of guitar sounds encourages musicians to experiment and find their desired tone, while app connectivity opens up further possibilities for customization and control.

Bass Powerhouse

Spark LIVE stands as a formidable bass companion. The Sonic IQ computational audio engine ensures a robust low-end response and distinct frequency separation between the bass and vocals. This feature proves crucial in live performances, where a solid bass foundation is essential for a cohesive and tight sound.

Perfect Harmony in Acoustic Duo Style

For acoustic performances, Spark LIVE excels. Tailored presets and settings cater to acoustic guitars and vocals, enabling musicians to achieve a balanced and professional sound. Whether serenading an intimate gathering or performing on a larger stage, this amp's versatility allows it to adapt seamlessly to any setting.

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