Ignite Sessions

Ignite Sessions

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Ignite Sessions

Power your obsession.

We've teamed up with renowned guitarists to bring you a series of inspiring sessions, just in time for our 10th Anniversary celebrations. Plug in and get ready to play smarter and more creatively than ever before!

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[Episode 4] RJ Ronquillo: One Trick for Instant Creativity on Guitar

Nashville guitar pro RJ Ronquillo shows off his one tip for finding some unique chord voicings and solo phrases. Show us what you come up with by tagging us in your videos.

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[Episode 3] Jamie Slays: How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

In this Ignite Session, we challenged Jamie Slays – one of YouTube's most notorious metal players – to play clean tones ONLY for a whole week using his Spark Pearl. Find out what happened and get some tips for breaking out of your comfort zone!

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[Episode 2] Sophie Burrell: Guitar Playing Plateaued? Here's How to Fix It

Guitar pro Sophie Burrell discusses something we all face at some point as guitarists – becoming stagnant in our development. Thankfully, Sophie's ready to share her most useful tips on how to address this issue and get past it.

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[Episode 1] Nicholas Veinoglou: Don't Practice, Just Play – Get Better While Having Fun Playing Guitar

That's right...don't practice. In our first Ignite Session, touring and session guitarist Nicholas Veinoglou (Bazzi/Jordan Fisher) explains a different approach to improving your playing that involves plenty of fun and exploration – without any of the dreaded aspects of practice.

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