Kicking Off the Spark 100K Celebration

August 22, 2022By The Spark Team 0 Comment

We have officially sold over 100,000 Spark amps! To celebrate the occasion, we’re offering 10% off for new customers until September 21, 2020. Join the ever-growing community of Spark users and purchase yours today.

Here are a few quotes from Spark users and artists around the world.

"I’m loving this little box of tricks. Spark does everything I need and more. I don’t have lots of amps and pedals and this is a great way to explore sounds without having to break the bank."
-Tom F.

“The sounds this amp brings is astonishing."
-Paul P.

“Spark is a real game-changer when it comes to practice amps. I was completely stunned when I heard the quality of the tones, the ease of use when trying different amps and effects by integrating the Spark with my smartphone. The ability to use backing tracks as a practice tool puts it over top as the best product of its kind on the market."
-Doc Coyle, Bad Wolves

“The combination of available tones, features, and ease of use makes the Spark a perfect amp for someone just getting started, and a valuable, very convenient tool for a pro.”
-Gretchen Menn, Zepparella

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Exclusive 10% off offer ends September 21, 2020. Don’t miss out, grab your Spark today!

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