New BIAS FX Acoustic Expansion Pack

New BIAS FX Acoustic Expansion Pack

August 22, 2022By BigCommerce 0 Comment

New BIAS FX Acoustic Expansion Pack

Acoustic guitar players, get ready to add some goodness to your tone! With this expansion, BIAS FX iPad and desktop users will be able to add some of the most sought-after acoustic guitar, with the ability to add them within BIAS FX’s dual signal chain, and integrate them with BIAS Amp models. You can also share, download and customize pedalboards on the ToneCloud, Positive Grid’s tone sharing platform. The new BIAS FX Acoustic Expansion Packs is available now as in-app purchase.

Realistic acoustic tones

The acoustic pack features Positive Grid’s acoustic imaging technology, which accurately emulates the different sounds of an acoustic guitar pickup. However, we took this idea one step further and added a premium acoustic preamp so you can adjust each and every aspect of their output signal in real time, for both live or studio use.

Effect models include an Acoustic EQ, Imager and Chorus. The Acoustic Image pedal neutralizes a guitar’s pickup and then restores the natural body resonance. The Acoustic EQ is built as a DI Dedicated EQ module for acoustic application, and shapes the tone with adjustable low mid and high mid frequencies. An acoustic reverb is optimized for acoustic-guitar simulation for a smooth and warm sound while creating more sonic space. The acoustic chorus gives users a chorus and vibrato pedal specially designed for acoustic guitar, with an adjustable 2 band EQ. To put the icing on the sonic cake, an acoustic preamp to improves the warmth and natural body resonances of your guitar, all while keeping its original characteristics.

The new Acoustic Expansion Pack is available now for BIAS FX iPad as in-app purchase for just $9.99, and for $49 for BIAS FX desktop.

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