Positive Grid Launches BIAS FX Metal Signature Pack

August 22, 2022By tom.gilbert@positivegrid.com BigCommerce 0 Comment

Jeff Loomis, Keith Merrow, and Ola Englund Metal Signature Pack Arrives To BIAS FX!

Now you can rock with the signature tones from metal giants Jeff Loomis, Keith Merrow, and Ola Englund right in BIAS FX’ dual guitar amps, dual signal chains, and ToneCloud. Originally released for JamUp Pro, the metal signature pack features Jeff, Ola and Keith’s six signature amp models and six signature guitar pedals – from ultra clean to thrash metal; delay pedal, chorus, four-band parametric EQ to distortion and overdrive – now right in BIAS FX desktop with a newly designed user interface and an overall sound improvement.

Sync Function (mobile only, coming soon)
Also included is a collection of their guitar tone preset settings, provided as starting points for your own tone-tweaking or playing along. And If you already purchased the metal pack in JamUp, you can sync to unlock the metal pack in BIAS FX Mobile at no additional cost.

The Signature Metal Pack is immediately available as In-App Purchase in the BIAS FX Desktop Store at just $49 as introductory price for this holiday season only. Regular retail price will be $79.

Tip: after updating BIAS FX Desktop to latest version and be logged into ToneCloud, the Metal Signature Pack will show up in the gears section.


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