UPDATE #3: Your SPARK is coming! Here's the latest update

August 22, 2022By tony.lee@positivegrid.com BigCommerce 0 Comment

Dear Spark Supporter,

Phew, busy times! We’re working very hard on making sure the Spark practice guitar amp meets and exceeds your expectations, and now we’re happy to say we’re almost done!

We know you can’t wait for more updates, so we’ve included a photo of Spark’s first production batch. They will soon leave the factory and get ready for shipment.

So what have we’ve been up to? Well, we’re working on fine-tuning and improving the Spark companion app, particularly the AI Jam algorithm and song section - we’re making sure you get nothing but the best functioning jamming tool ever!

Stay tuned for more updates. We are currently communicating with our manufacturing team to provide you with an update on shipping timelines. Look out for that next week.

- The Spark Team

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