Why We Made Spark LIVE

Why We Made Spark LIVE

January 29, 2024By Joshua Fernandez 0 Comment

Spark LIVE is officially available for pre-order, and the hype surrounding the all-in-one performance monster is nothing short of electric. With its roots deeply embedded in our award-winning smart practice guitar amplifiers and tone-building software/plugins, we have taken our expertise in speaker design and software to create something revolutionary with the birth of Sonic IQ – delivering more than just an amp. Spark LIVE is poised to redefine the game in both product design and how musicians and performers interact with their gear. But how did the concept of Spark LIVE come to life? What is Sonic IQ? Let's take a look at its origins and inspirations that birthed this revolutionary next step in the amplifier and speaker game.

Going Beyond Just “Loud”

Our adventure with Spark LIVE started with a seemingly straightforward idea – to bring forth the next generation of the smart amp that started it all – the Spark 40-Watt. Initially dubbed 'Spark 40 Plus,' it soon became evident that our aspirations went beyond merely creating a louder version. We faced the challenge of engineering an amplifier that could be loud yet compact, versatile enough not just for guitar, bass, and acoustic, but also for vocals, and be robust enough to accompany acoustic drums – all while maintaining a portable form.

Beyond Just Loud

The conventional paths of speaker design, such as opting for industry standard speakers or adopting a PA system approach, were tempting. However, a revelation struck us unexpectedly during a drive to lunch, surrounded by fully electric cars. It had dawned on us that the popularity of this new breed of cars signaled a broader technological shift and evolution in consumer expectations. It had almost felt like yesterday when the whole world seemed to have scoffed at the idea of giving up gas, and now it seems that over half the vehicles on the road are now fully battery powered. With this in mind, it was clear that we needed to embrace change by venturing into designing something new and leaving behind conventional routes. This marked a transformative shift, propelling us into exploring innovative acoustic and speaker system designs that align with the ethos that Spark LIVE embodies.

This journey was not just about achieving greater volume; it was about redefining what a compact, but loud, amplifier could achieve in the modern era.

Introducing Sonic IQ

Traditionally, instrument amplifiers are designed around selecting the optimal speaker tailored to each instrument, be it guitars, basses, or vocals/acoustics. However, this approach inherently limits versatility, as specific amps excel in one area but falter in others. This results in a need for multiple amplifiers for a full band setup, leading to increased equipment complexity and some serious headaches, especially for those looking for an all-in-one solution.

Sonic IQ

At the heart of Spark LIVE lies Sonic IQ, a revolutionary computational audio engine that creates the perfect synergy between hardware and software, delivering uncompromised sound quality throughout all channels – no matter the instrument. The acoustic speakers built right into Spark LIVE, combined with a dedicated tuning chip guarantee crisp highs, deep lows and incredible vocal clarity between all channels and volume levels.

The Future Sounds Like This

Future Sounds Like This

The first time we tested a prototype of Spark LIVE, it was nothing short of astonishing. What seemed like a near-impossible feat was absolutely crushed by the hard-working team at Positive Grid. For the first time, an entire band – guitar, bass, vocals, and keyboards – was powered by a single amp. And the best part? Every single channel sounded amazing. It was truly a “wow” moment. Plus, all of them could be clearly heard while playing with an acoustic drum set. We only had one question: Why hasn’t anyone else done this before?

To us, Spark LIVE represents not just an evolution of the Spark amp series, but a revolution in amplification technology, not just for guitar, but also for bass, vocals, and just about anything else you want to plug into it. Live performances, street music, worship services, band rehearsals, or even living room jam sessions – Spark LIVE is ready to shape the future of music amplification. The future truly sounds like this.

A Louder Community

At Positive Grid, Spark LIVE isn't just another product; it's a revolution in the guitar world. With over half a million guitarists worldwide, our community has been at the heart of the Spark series, from the original 40-Watt to the incredibly portable Spark GO. Over the past few years we’ve kept an open ear to all the requests and constructive feedback from the community, and have dedicated ourselves to building a piece of gear that will inspire musicians of all backgrounds to get out and play more.

A Louder Community

Our community expects more than just a product. They're looking for innovation, inspiration – something that changes the way they make music, not just for themselves but for their audiences too. Spark LIVE is our response, giving our community a louder voice and delivering experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

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