How to Mic Your Spark LIVE for Stage Use

How to Mic Your Spark LIVE for Stage Use

June 13, 2024By Joshua Fernandez 0 Comment

Ready to take Spark LIVE to the stage? We’re happy to hear it. Whether it’s your first time under the spotlight or you’re a seasoned veteran, it’s always a good idea to learn how to mic your own amp just in case your sound guy isn’t too familiar with Spark LIVE.

Why Mic Spark LIVE vs. Direct Out

You have two choices when it comes to sending your sound from Spark LIVE to the front of house (or FOH for short). You can go directly into the mixer or mic Spark LIVE directly. But why mic your guitar amp instead of using its direct output?

In the traditional sense, miking an amp will give you a more accurate representation of your tone – properly capturing the sound that’s being pushed out of the speakers along with all the nuances and natural acoustics of the environment you’re in. But that’s not to say that DI is a horrible alternative. In fact, going DI with Spark LIVE might be the better choice (especially if you’re plugging in a bass or a vocal mic). However, this article is about how to mic your Spark LIVE, so let’s dive in.

What Kind of Mic to Use With Your Amp

There are several types of microphones you can use to mic your guitar amp. Ribbon mics, dynamic mics, and condenser mics are the most common. With Spark LIVE, we definitely recommend going with a dynamic mic, such as the Shure SM57 or Sennheiser 421. These two mics are industry standards and have withstood the test of time—with sound engineers all over the world using them in their setups.


How to Mic Up Spark LIVE

Generally, when miking up Spark LIVE with a dynamic mic, you’ll want to place the mic about 10cm (or 4-5 inches) away from the speakers.

SM57 position

This is what Spark LIVE looks like without its grille, so you can see exactly where the speakers are. We recommend using Spark LIVE in its Focus mode, or vertical orientation. The red arrow indicates where you should point your mic.

Spark LIVE

You can try different positions to get your preferred tone. If you want a brighter tone, you can position the mic further to the left, and if you want a meatier tone, you can position the mic more to the right.

Spark LIVE

If you want to use 2 mics for a stereo setup, you can place the mics at the red arrows. This is also a great way to set up your Spark LIVE for recording.

Spark LIVE

Spark LIVE

The beauty of miking up your amp is that you don’t have to crank up the volume to cut through the mix. You can let the mic do all the work for you. We like setting Spark LIVE’s main volume at about 11 o'clock. If you’re using LIVE as an onstage monitor, though, you can set it a little higher.

Performing with Spark LIVE

That’s about it! The only thing left is to get out there and perform your heart out. Don’t forget to pair your Spark LIVE with a Spark Control X – the official wireless foot controller that pairs effortlessly with Spark LIVE (or any other Spark series amp for that matter). Want the full wireless Spark experience? Then picking up a Spark LINK wireless system will complete the circle. Heck, you could even pick up a Spark Battery if you really want to cut ALL the cords!

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