Using Spark for Acoustic Guitar

August 22, 2022By The Spark Team 0 Comment

We all know that Spark packs a punch for all electric guitarists, regardless of genre. But what if you want to scale things back a bit and jam out acoustically?

We had all of you acoustic players in mind when creating Spark, and the amp has lots of features that are certain to make your acoustic guitar shine. Check out Roy Ziv’s tutorial below.

Named “one of the few true ‘smart amps’ on the market right now” by, Spark lets you practice, jam and record like never before with access to over 10,000 tones—no matter if you play electric guitar, bass or acoustic. Plus, with access to innovative features like Smart Jam, Voice Command and Auto Chords, you’ll never run out of inspiration.

Find out more about Spark here.

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